Hone's most hardworking and dedicated team.

Stan Day
Founder & CEO
Software Engineer turned CEO, competitive gamer at heart, At war with bloatware.
Armin Sejdic
Co-Founder & CoS
Hone prolonged the lifetime of his old laptop. Now he helps bring Hone global.
Jonathan Houle
Product Manager
Life optimization addict, probably benches more than you.
Zain Shabbir
Software Engineer
Passionately Curious about Computers & Science.
Sherjeel AQ
Full Stack Engineer
Transforming concepts into reality with a penchant for literature and gaming.
Abdul Kudoos
Product Designer
The guy who's responsible for all things visual.
Asif Nawaz
Software Engineer
Full Stack Engineer. Classic FPS fan. Human capabilities exceed human expectations
Anelya Bulatova
Business Operations
Tries her best to organize and restore order in team full of gamers.
Joshua Hilton
Joshua is a multi-time founder with several exits within the gaming space.
You see an unoptimized PC and think that of me? No! I am the one who optimizes.
James Hiraeth
Community Manager
Producer & DJ. The party-starter of Hone.