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Hone has absolutely changed the way I thought about pc optimization. Crazy how much difference a single application can make.

Professional Fortnite Creator

The input on my mouse feels so direct, my aim is so much better and my FPS is really good, it feels so smooth.

Content Creator

I’ve been using this for a few months now and these optimisations are crazy, I play Fortnite allot on a crappy laptop and averaged around 30 fps, now thanks to them I’ve gotten up to 120 which is amazing, there are lots of optimisations to choose from, and you can get 5 free internal ones aswell, sadly after you have to pay for those ones. Overall I recommend this to everyone that plays Fortnite on pc/laptop as it helps allot


Absolutely thrilled with Hone. Not only did it boost my FPS significantly, but it also streamlined my system, making everything run smoother and faster. Easy to use interface, effective results, and overall, a must-have for any gamer or PC enthusiast. Highly recommend!

Andy Hindriks

I'm able to run games like Red Dead Redemption on max settings at 144+ FPS consistently, I even went put a max on it so that it won't go too much over. Overall, my Windows has gotten much smoother as well, def worth a try. Can't wait to see what they'll come up with in the future!


I've been using Hone for a very long time (since Honectrl first came out) and I can say with certainty that this is one of, if not the best optimizer on the market. There is a ton of optimization variety, all and every of which are fully described and have tags for full transparency, Johnathan and the staff are amazing people (seriously, can't thank these guys enough for going above and beyond when I needed help), and the premium is dirt cheap. Easily a solid 10/10, would absolutely recommend.

Kristian Stefanov

I was using Hone when my pc was bad.Before Hone i was getting around 120 130 fps in game when i started using Hone with all the free optimization i started getting 220+ fps my main game was Fortnite. When i get my new pc i keept using it because i know hone helps ur pc so if u read this go and Install Hone.The best app for optimizations!

Faze Vespid

I love this app so much it helps me a lot with fps because I have a potato pc that is very laggyI was having about 20 fps on Fortnite on performance mode until I used it and it grew my fps to 120!