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Hone is partnering up with Overwolf!

April 7, 2023



We're thrilled to announce that AuraSide, the company behind Hone, has partnered with Overwolf!

Overwolf empowers game creators by providing the tools they need to create and publish applications and mods. They have the same goal as Hone: Give you the best possible gaming experience!

Together with their expertise and resources, we will further Hone's mission to help more gamers achieve gaming perfection by getting the most out of their system.

What does this mean for Hone?

A whole lot of good stuff, that's what! We can't wait to share the exciting updates we have in store over the coming months!

Sneak peek of our awesome new Hone App coming soon. (Subject to changes)

Tweaking Team:

Please check out our new tweaking openings and apply if you think you would be a good fit for our tweaking team! Https://


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